Workbook for academic teaching staff-PL

Workbook for academic teaching staff

       The UniCulture Workbook’s aim is to provide case studies, practical exercises, scenarios, applications, and quizzes for each Handbook’s chapter, to be an effective tool on teaching and working in academic intercultural and multicultural environment. The target audience for the Workbook are university professors and assistants, but the book might be useful for researchers, administrators and all the staff working and interacting with international students, students with diverse cultural backgrounds or with students at risk. Nevertheless, as the Handbook, the Workbook promotes social cohesion, respect for diversity, tolerance and equity, being useful for all academic staff willing to improve their skills and knowledge.

      The Workbook mirrors the Handbook structure and consists of four modules and 19 chapters. All project partners contributed to content development, with the advantage of sharing valuable national resources, insights and perspectives. Each module of the Workbook was designed as an independent learning unit and each chapter comprises two or three units and a synopsis of theoretical background (extensively presented in the Handbook), to facilitate applications and practical implementation in the classroom. Readers are encouraged to use both complementary materials (Handbook and Workbook) if they decide for self-training, to provide feedback on their progress or any query using the contact details on the website.