Guide on intercultural communication & social inclusion

Provides the link between working in such environments & supporting the inclusion of vulnerable groups. It will support the social inclusion process in the universities.

Teaching units

Module 1

Basics of Intercultural Communication


  What do we mean by Intercultural Communication?

  Forms of intercultural communication

  Models of intercultural communication

  How does it relate to the university context?

Module 2

Basics of the Cross-cultural Communication


  What do we mean by Cross-cultural Communication?

  Forms of Cross-cultural communication

  Models of Cross-cultural communication

  How does it relate to the university context?

  Similarities & differences between intercultural & cross-cultural interaction

Module 3

What are the main influences on Intercultural & cross-cultural Communication?


  Social factors

  Cultural factors

  Psychological factors


Module 4

Nonverbal Communication & Culture


  Importance & Functions of Nonverbal communication

  Body language


  Communication styles – use of touch, use of space, eye contact, etc.

Module 5

Abilities for intercultural & cross-cultural communication (ICCC)


  Models of cultural learning & intercultural & cross-cultural adaptation

  Knowledge for ICCC

  Skill for ICCC

  Attitude towards the respondent & others

Module 6

Social inclusion


  What are social inclusion & social exclusion?

  Reasons for social exclusion

  Social inclusion as a concept