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UniCulture Handbook for academic teaching staff

     The UniCulture Handbook’s aim is to provide a theoretical background on teaching and working in academic intercultural and multicultural environments. The target audience of the Handbook is composed of university professors and assistants, but the book might be also useful for researchers, administrators and all the staff working and interacting with international students, students with diverse cultural backgrounds or with students at risk. Nevertheless, the book promotes social cohesion, respect for diversity, tolerance and equity, and can be a tool for all academic staff willing to improve their skills and knowledge.

     Along with the “UniCulture Workbook for academic teaching staff” and the “Manual for trainers”, the Handbook forms a complete training package to be used by university professors and assistants in order to improve their social and teaching competences on working in intercultural and multicultural environments. The UniCulture training is designed to follow a b-learning approach, including options for self-study, online and face-to-face meetings and sessions.

     The Handbook is structured in four modules and 19 chapter presenting concepts and terminology and outlining the leading theoretical models and recent developments in the field. All project partners contributed to content development, with the advantage of sharing valuable national bibliographic resources.